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The reasons why you might want to hire a talented writer can be different. You might lack time to cope with all the assignments or fall in love with someone. We all know that when people are in love, assignments are the last thing on their minds. Therefore, our company offers you the chance to get extra free time and still get the scores you deserve.

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5 pages Psychology

“Know yourself,” Sun Tzu said. “Easy to say,” you answer. For our writing experts, understanding you, the emotions of your dog, and the inner motives of your friends is easy. Look at the example below to check for yourself.

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3 pages Sociology

“One can not live in a society and be free from it,” Lenin once said. This quote is not communistic propaganda, but an example of an unexpected quotation your sociology homework may contain. Check one more example below.

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5 pages Mathematics

Decimals and digits are music to our ears. If it’s not the same with you, order your math homework from us. Our papers will lift your grades and, we hope will foster the love for numbers in your soul.

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3 pages Statistics

Boring, scrupulous, and precise as it may seem, statistics can be surprisingly manipulative. Come to the dark side, and get a better understanding of statistics with the help of our papers.

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Thanks for helping me with the math homework. The prices are a bit high though.
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Amazing company! Delivery is on time, writers are friendly and helpful.
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If there is a hell on earth, it's geometry homework. Thanks for saving me from those stupid theorems.
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Pay someone to do my homework: tips to save some money

When you place your “do my homework” request with a writing service, you want to get professional-level help. It is absolutely okay if you are seeking an affordable option to pay someone to do your homework that will save you some money while delivering you great service. However, there’s probably no need to tell you that extraordinarily cheap prices should make you think twice before placing your order with a service. But with a reputable service like, you have the opportunity to pay a comfortable amount for highly professional writing assistance.

  • Place orders ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute to place your order with us. Fill out an order form as soon as you are assigned a writing task. The more time we have to complete your order, the lower price. For example, for an essay with a 14-day deadline, you pay $15 per page; compared to an essay with the same demands yet needed in four hours, where you pay $40 per page.
  • Partial assistance. If you are only having trouble with a part of your writing assignment, there’s no need to order an entire paper; you can ask for assistance for just a portion of it.
  • Browse free writing guides and samples. On our website, you can find many writing guides and sample papers that can be your practical assistants during the writing process. All these guides were composed by our experts to help students who can’t afford customized assistance.

Do my homework assignment: We profoundly hire expert writers

When you place your “do my homework for me” request, you can rest assured that you will get an experienced writer who meets your needs to the fullest. At EssayHave, we carefully choose the experts who join our service and ask every candidate to prove their proficiency in practice before hiring them.

Before working on “do my assignment” orders posted by our clients, a writer has to pass a set of tests, interviews, and practical assignments.

Their first step is to pass a grammar test. To ensure that the writer's command of the English level is appropriate, we ask him/her to complete the grammar test, and only 95%+ results are acceptable. When you hire one of our experts to compose a paper for you, you always get grammatically correct writing.

Then, we check their proficiency in their main specialization(s). At our service, you can get assistance with 50+ disciplines, and we constantly hire expert writers to expand the list of services we offer. Checking the writer’s expertise in their main field, we ensure the expert can provide our clients with top-notch writing help in the required subject.

Next comes the professional interview. This helps us understand what kind of person the candidate is and whether their communication skills meet our standards. We pay close attention to this step because we want to ensure all clients receive polite service.

The final stage of the verification process is a practical assignment. The writer has to prove their writing skills in practice and write a paper that our experienced writers assess.

If all the steps are successfully completed, the candidate is given a probation period. During this time, we connect the new writer with one of our experienced assistants and take care to monitor their performance. After the probation period, we decide whether the candidate ultimately suits our requirements and deserves to be hired as a regular writer.

This rigorous hiring process is to make sure that our clients get the best results.

Do your homework online: benefits to you

Services offering “do my homework online” have become popular in the last few years because of their flexibility and the number of benefits they offer compared to those companies that operate offline.

  • Time-saving. Now, you can ask a professional to do your homework without leaving the comfort of your room. All you need is your computer and an Internet connection. Working with offline companies, you will have to spend some time visiting their office, ordering a paper, and then returning when it’s prepared.
  • Money-saving. Working with our online service, you do not pay the extra hidden cost of office rental that is usually part of the cost of your paper when you use an offline company. Offline companies must pay for their physical offices, and these companies ask higher prices for their services to cover their rent.
  • Easy-navigating. With our online service, you can get all the information you need on our website or by contacting our support team, which is available 24/7. Offline companies typically have limited working hours, meaning you may not have someone to talk to when you need help the most.
  • Reviews and samples. Working with us, you can easily browse the reviews left by our former clients, where they talk about the kind of work they commissioned, including the type of assignment, number of pages, and particular subject or discipline. Moreover, on our website, you can open a preview of every completed order and assess the quality as well as the proficiency of our writing experts. With offline services, you may not get this kind of opportunity.

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