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    Our pricing is transparent and honest regarding our clients. We select the most secure payment methods. Your price has no hidden fees and is covered by a money-back guarantee.

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Customer #586060
I was not sure about using one of these multiple services that search engine gives me every time I'm looking for a proper topic for my assignment. However, I had no choice this time but I'm completely satisfied with the result. Thanks!
Customer #585060
I'm a single parent and it often feels unbearable to write those numerous assignments. Thanks for supporting me in this situation and delivering my order on time.
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I'm very glad an essay writing company like this one exists. I would be too frustrated if I had to cope with all the assignments on my own. Thank you!
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I'm not a native English speaker and this essay writer service always helps me pass different classes. Thank you! I will continue using your services!
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There is nothing more depressing for me than to spend a sleepless night writing essays. Thank you for letting me have a sound sleep and a high score all at the same time.
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I don't know if this is the best essay writing service 2021 but I can honestly say that these guys never fail to meet the deadlines. I've been using their services for a while now and they are consistently good at academic writing.
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I have no idea why I've chosen a major in history but I definitely did not expect to have so many writing assignments. Thank you for always finding the perfect writer for me and your fast delivery!
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You can't imagine how grateful I am to my writer! She did a fantastic job of exploring the topic of my essay. All the information she found is so interesting!
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I really enjoyed working with this polite and attentive writer! Will definitely use your help again. Thank you.
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I do not regret turning to this service, it really helped me save a lot of time doing homework. Thanks!
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Wow, just wow. The essay looks great! The best part is that I will turn it in by the deadline. My teacher pays close attention to the time when we submit essays. So, thank you!
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I'm very pleased with the result! The essay looks structured and is interesting to read. The writer did a great job. Thanks!
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The only mistake I’ve made is placing an order too late. I did not have enough time for revisions because of that. Thank you!
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I’m grateful for the timely delivery. I turned in the essay on time and scored high on this assignment. Thank you!
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There was no particular reason for me to choose this service but I do not regret making this decision. Everything turned out to be great! Thanks
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I did not even imagine that an essay could be this informative and structured. Thank you for paying so close attention to my instructions!
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I've seen some average essays before but this one looks amazing! I really did not expect to get this kind of quality! Thank you.
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My only concern was that I got my essay too late. However, it did not decrease my grade. Thank you for your assistance!
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This is a reliable service I’ve been using for a couple of years. You always deliver on time and the essays are always original. Thanks.
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This was the most helpful writing master class for me! It is very useful to look at a real sample of a perfect essay and realize that I created it with your help!
Customer #5579184
The essay I got was not perfect so I asked the writer to make a couple of changes. I’m glad that these revisions are not fee-based.
Customer #2222886
Just another service that delivers you some mediocre content. Maybe I should have picked another category of writer but I really did not want to pay that much. If I’m in a hurry again I will probably give this service another try.
Customer #4800268
I don’t see any point in wasting my time on trivial topics like this one. Thank you for helping me cope with this task a lot faster.
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Thank you very much! This assignment exceeded my expectations! Will use your website in case of complex homework again.
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I don’t think that this service is different from every other out there. Guarantees and fast delivery are the two main advantages. Probably will use it again if I don’t forget the name of it.
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Everything's great! I will order again.
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This is a good essay! I will recommend this website.
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The writer did an amazing job! Thank you so very much!
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The more times I use this essay writing service the more convinced I become that it might be the most reliable one out there. Every time here I get my order on time and almost never need to ask my assistant for additional revisions. Super helpful!
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This is definitely a very fast service! I got my order overnight and now can't be happier! It looks polished and well-structured!
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Even though it is not a cheap essay writing service, the work of my writer is worth every penny I've paid. The essay looks great. I definitely would not be able to write something as good as this piece.
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No matter how doubtful you can be about the safety of using an online company, I can say that I had a very positive experience here. I like that there are many guarantees and several payment options. Nice service overall.
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Without a doubt, it is an expensive essay writing service but I prefer it over other companies because the quality of writing is quite high. It meets all of my requirements. Moreover, the support team is always helpful and polite. I think it's better to pay a bit more and get exactly what I need than hope for a miracle to happen when using a cheaper service.
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I knew I could trust this essay writing company after my friend got her essay in just 5 hours and it looked amazing. I was not disappointed when I turned to these guys. The order came on time and I did not have any negative comments on it.
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I don't see how writing an essay can help me become a better professional in terms of medical education. Whenever I have the chance to get assistance with similar assignments, I do it. This is a nice service with great experts.
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My problem with writing assignments is that my answer to the question is very short and I don't know what else to write about to make it to 1000 words. I really appreciate the assistance of the experts here because they know what to write about even if the topic is narrow. Thanks!
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The irony is that I chose this topic myself because I really thought that this time I was going to do everything by myself. But then I forgot about it. So, I'm glad there is this service that can deliver my orders so fast.
Customer #710655
Totally worth the money you pay. The order was delivered on time and the essay looked impressively well. Will order again some time soon.
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Our essay samples

The Secret Love 2 pages
Type 5-paragraph essay
Level Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)
Format MLA
Marcel Duchamp's 'Fountain' as a Work of Art 4 pages
Type Discussion essay
Level Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)
Format APA
A New Car Is a Bad Investment 3 pages
Type Argumentative essay
Level Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)
Format MLA
Charity Nowadays 2 pages
Type Analytical essay
Level Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)
Format Harvard
Forests 2 pages
Type Descriptive essay
Level High School
Format APA
Traveling 1 pages
Type For and Against essay
Level Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)
Format Oxford
Graphical Methods in Statistics 2 pages
Type Statistics essay
Level Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)
Format MLA
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This chart represents how our customers are satisfied with the quality of the papers we deliver by the most popular disciplines.

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Satisfactory (6-7)
Need to improve (up to 6)
English 101
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Our guarantees
  • 100% original papers Originality is a key to success in writing. With us, you’ll get uniqueness without fail. There is no plagiarism in any of our essays.
  • A money-back guarantee Our satisfaction guarantee works like a clock; if you’re unhappy with the paper, we’ll fix it to meet your requirements. Or you’ll get a refund.
  • Timely delivery Understanding your tight deadline limitations, we ensure the timely delivery of your assignments to make sure that you have enough time to prepare for their submission.
  • 24/7 WOW-support Our support staff is available 24/7 to address any questions or assist with your order, guaranteeing that you’re not left alone to deal with issues that might appear.
  • Any custom or complex task With more than 500 experienced writers, we tackle papers of every difficulty and custom format. Just hand over your task, and we'll cover everything else.
  • Confidentiality We keep all your data according to the security standards, and nobody asks personal questions here. You are safe and sound with our service.
Essayhave: essay writing service

Essay writing service worthy of your trust

EssayHave is one of those services that changes students’ lives because of the meaningful help it provides with studying – we will write the essays and papers that are troubling you the most. We offer all the competitive benefits of personal tutoring, but cheap. Our essay writing service produces high-quality papers that are completely customized according to your requirements by an academic expert in your subject, and no AI can write with such attention to detail and style. We generate ideas for you that you won’t find online, staying reliable in any situation that may arise.

Our essay writing help is for every student who addresses us with a request. From the moment you place an order using our simple form, our agency will take care of your tasks, freeing up your studying schedule.

You can ask us for help with tasks in more than 80 disciplines of any academic level from the curriculums of American, European, and Asian educational establishments. Your expert will write fast and deliver within the timeframe you set when ordering, so fast that even 4-hour deadlines are acceptable for us.

Our academic writing services have supported students from more than 100 countries for the last 16+ years. We write argumentative essays with the same precision as our technical dissertations. Our top writers have helped over 5000 students worldwide earn their PhD degrees. Our written works change how students prepare their homework, and we’re proud of it.

Instead of you spending time on routine information collection, we can do it in your place. Instead of you having to browse through the various editions of formatting standards, we’ll deliver an original paper prepared according to any editions or custom requirements. We are pro experts, and our service makes hiring the best-matching writer easy—the system does it automatically. In summary, we’re here to listen to and complete your request with all our creative devotion.

Essay writing service

Write my essay: What’s hiding behind this request?

We know that the circumstances in which you send your request to “write my essay for me” might be far from cloudless. You may have a tight deadline, be short on ideas, and be too tired to make yourself coffee, much less deal with an assignment. Our essay writing service is here to help at any moment of your life. All we need to get you the best-matching helper is the following:

  • Your topic
  • The deadline
  • The discipline
  • Your academic year
  • The number of pages

And this is the minimal set of requirements we need to start writing your task. For students, it’s easy to gather and share these details, as they are always included in the basic description of the paper. We’ll be glad if you share any personal preferences you have regarding the style and formatting (which, by the way, we’ll do for free) in the order form. Thus, we’ll know how to make a good paper even better by following your exact wishes.

The writers we hire are professionals who create academic papers. Each is a specialist in a narrow selection of subjects and has vast experience writing assignments. You can be sure that when we accept your task, we’re dedicated to finding the best-fit writer for you. And looking at our high customer satisfaction rate, you can rest assured that we’re incredibly talented at matching tasks with performers.

How our essay service differs from others

  1. Our essay service is legal, transparent, and reliable
    We have a proven track record of completed papers that can be traced back to the early 2000s. At that time, we were pioneers in the emerging market of academic support services.
  2. We return money, not coupons or bonuses, through our money-back program
    We think that if you pay us money, you’ll want to get it back if any unpleasant surprises occur. All communication stays direct from our side, and you’ll get a just payback with your satisfaction prioritized.
  3. You have the right to get free revisions
    Found something we’ve missed? No worries – we’ve got you covered with our free revisions. All primary requirements will be fulfilled with them.
  4. We never leave your questions unanswered
    Our customer support team is filled with the most polite and professional helpers any student could find. Ask them if something worries you.
  5. Our online essay writing service has quality control procedures
    Each paper is checked with our internal plagiarism checker and AI tester to ensure that you’ll get an essay of the finest quality.

Essay writing services you deserve to get

Write an essay for me—might be the first request to start your improved journey with our team. Our essay writing service offers a whole range of problem-solving solutions that cover the critical needs of modern students:

  • Custom writing services. Our order form allows you to express any wish regarding your future paper, so we can customize it to the most minor details. Each time you spend the minute needed to fill out details, you can be sure that the paper you get will meet all your expectations.
  • Research papers. Our work is always backed up with research, as our writers only deliver scientifically meaningful papers.
  • Thesis and dissertation services. You can even delegate enormous tasks to us; we have experts who can write top-tier dissertations and thesis papers to support your research.

Professional essay writing service: Reasons to order at least once

We are ready to give you some motivation after you get acquainted with our professional essay writing services. If you have doubts about our paper writing service, that’s fine. For important questions related to the payments or order completion, you can contact our customer support, who are available 24/7, and get a fast answer to any of your concerns. But here, we want to highlight a few unpredictable ways of using the papers you get from us, depending on your current experience and situation with homework.

Tips for beginners using essay writing

Use our help for formats and types of papers you haven’t done right yet. For example, let’s say you get an argumentative essay and don’t know how to write it correctly. Order one from us, and our writers will create a custom paper from scratch, meeting all standards for argumentative writing.

Pleasant ways of applying our help for experienced students

If you’re a college or university student, you might already be familiar with all kinds of academic writing. But would you care to improve your skills to write faster and more persuasively? Order a paper from us and write your own—then compare both papers to find out the weak spots in your writing and how they are covered in our expert’s variant.

Advanced techniques for using our customized essays

Suppose you’re writing your final scientific paper, and it’s taking tons of time for you to work with online literature and other types of sources for the theoretical part. You can’t focus on the practical and innovative part of your research, stuck struggling with those quotes and references. Just ask us to do the theoretical part of the research for you so that you can complete your practical experiments on time.

essay writing service: popular questions FAQ

  • Can I choose a writer to complete my essay?

    You shouldn’t spend your precious time on this—we guarantee to do it for you. While others are browsing tens of writers' portfolios, you can leave your task and take care of your other business while we find you the best-fit essay writer online based only on your request. This is a beneficial process for both sides – you may delegate every aspect of your task to us, and we won’t let you down under any circumstances, as we have more than 500 talented writers to choose from.
  • Can you write my essay cheaply?

    Our affordable essay writing service has calculated the most balanced pricing, making each of our services budget-friendly according to the quality we offer. Each of our clients feels happy and excited about their purchase, as we make it secure, forego hidden fees, and make sure that the final results are always worth the money you spend. Our prices per page start from $10 for any discipline on our list, which is extremely low for professional writers’ help.
  • Is it safe to have EssayHave write my essay?

    Yes, having your essay written by EssayHave is secure. Our website has a few levels of protection, and we take care of all the measures needed to make your experience the most secure and seamless. Strict confidentiality and quality standards to protect your personal and payment information are an absolute must for our team. All transactions and data exchanges are safeguarded with secure protocols, firewalls, and limited access for anyone except you.
  • Is it legit to pay someone to write my essay?

    Yes, it's legitimate to pay someone to write your essay using our verified service. You’re a free person with free will, so you can order any writing services in the world; ask someone to write you a post for your social media or create a CV for you. We want you to have the best sources that don’t demand that you waste your time digging them out for your studying. That’s what our service is all about in the first place.
  • Are paper writing services fraudulent?

    Our paper writing services are trustworthy and transparent, as we’ve been working on the market for the last 18 years, caring about our reputation and helping thousands of students. We are committed to being honest with each, even potential client, offering that specific type of assistance they need right now without the risk of deception. Be sure to check our testimonials page to find out more about the way we work.
  • Can you write my paper in 4 hours?

    This is the shortest deadline we can offer to you. We strive to write your paper even within a 4-hour timeframe, keeping the quality of the final copy as high as possible. We should also mention that not every task can be solved in 4 hours, as we are a team of writers, not wizards. For example, a high-quality dissertation is doubtful for a 4h deadline, while a 4-page essay is quite possible.
  • Are your essay writers professional?

    We are incredibly proud of our writing team: talented, hardworking, and smart! Each of our experts was hand-picked from tens of candidates, being checked through 3 tours of strict and tense interviews and subject knowledge testing. So yes, we have a right to talk about our writers' qualifications and skill sets. Our essay writing company only employs professional writers with extensive experience and qualifications in various academic fields.
  • How do your writing services work?

    Ask anyone among your fellow students, and you’ll hear the same thing. Our paper writing service works according to the most straightforward plan: you place an order, we choose you a best-fit writer, and in the shortest time—you receive a high-quality, exquisite essay or other paper tailored to your demands. Our team's main goal and biggest dream is to make your studying more efficient, providing you with the best writing pieces to follow and learn from.
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