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          We assure you that all the content our writers generate is unique. They do not copy it from other sources. We run every essay with a plagiarism checking tool to make sure you get original content. We will not let you compromise your reputation by turning in a plagiarised essay. You can check the originality yourself and ask for a revision if there is something wrong.

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          To do that, we have introduced a quality control system. We monitor the performance of our writers regularly. We pick one of the recently completed orders of our writers and check its quality. If there are things that can be improved, we give the writers our feedback. Do not worry, you will get a well-written essay if you turn to us for help.

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          Yes, they do. All of them have been working as freelance writers for at least 3 years before they joined our team. They know everything about the standards of writing and essay structure. Your assignments are in safe hands.

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          We always try to underline the fact that although our writers work very fast, they have a limited speed of writing. You can expect them to deliver one page in one hour. Most likely, your essay will consist of at least two pages, so you can expect to get it not faster than within two hours. Mind that not all of the writers are ready to meet such a tight deadline.

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