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Custom book review: secrets and tips

Critical thinking is an essential skill. No matter what vocation you will choose in the future, it will definitely come in hand. It is also helpful to understand the meaning and evaluate a newspaper or magazine article and someone's blog post or tweet. That is why practicing to think critically is immensely helpful. Writing a book review will improve this skill by giving you an overall idea of the approach. You might think that it's a boring assignment but unlike many others, this can actually bring you the necessary knowledge you will use after the graduation. If you still think that it is not one of the most important tasks you get while studying at school or college, order a custom book review and save time. You can specify any additional requirements there can be and get the paper you need.

What to do during the reading process

You might be surprised but this assignment starts long before you get to know the topic and start thinking about a thesis statement. The preparation process is equally important. When you know that you will have to dedicate several pages to the analysis of a literary piece, make the process as comfortable as possible. Here's how you may do it:

  • make notes and write down all the interesting and relevant ideas you come up with while reading as you will forget about them otherwise;
  • highlight the descriptions and features of the main characters as you will most probably need them;
  • make observations on the way author describes the environment, draws conclusions, and reveals the pieces of unexpected information;
  • think if the author manages to get the main message of the work across to a reader and the way s/he does it.

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What to do during the writing process

The real fun begins when it's time to start writing. You have to decide how to organize the information you have to make the review look logical and comprehensive. Consider if all the points you want to make are worth mentioning. Choose the ones that really matter, the ones that give an evaluation of the author's work along with your supportive arguments.

  • make an outline as you will get confused at some point during the writing;
  • decide on the main advantages and disadvantages of the book you've read and organize them in the most appropriate order;
  • decide if the author succeeded to make the main idea clear to a reader;
  • remember that it's your task to critique the work of another person and don't be afraid to do it (even if it is a renowned author and you are just a high school student).


To show you an example of how you may approach this assignment, let's consider the short stories of Ray Bradbury. He was a master of writing about complex and significant things using the surrounding of the future world and other planets. There is a story called "Kaleidoscope" that starts with a spaceship crash.

The crew members will now be slowly falling down on Earth. They know exactly they are going to die. Bradbury focuses on the social and psychological aspects of these people. You may explore the way he depicts every character by giving them their last words in the face of death. Here, the main idea is not about the space rice between countries or imperfect spaceship technology, obviously. The dark outer space is merely a decoration. You may also concentrate on the writing techniques Bradbury uses to create the mood of total despair and frustration. Find something that hooked you as a reader and analyze that.

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