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MLA style paper

What MLA is

The world of science is constantly improving by making new contributions and inviting new members to its community. This would not have been possible if there were no organizations helping scholars to communicate and discuss their findings. The Modern Language Association (MLA) is one of such organizations. Its mission is to connect the scholars and their ideas to let the linguistics develop all around the world. To do that, it is natural that there has to be a universal formatting style so that the communication among the teachers, scholars, and students would become easier. Finding a particular paper among the impressive variety of other documents is not an issue anymore.

Every student is familiar with an MLA style paper format and the style guides the association developed. However, students rarely think about the value of this approach of unified writing and formatting. The numerous assignments do not let them appreciate the contribution of the MLA. If you need to write a paper using MLA formatting, let the team of writers make it easier for you. Here you can find clear and specific recommendations on how to format your paper according to the requirements of the MLA style. You will find out the main guidelines on citing others in your writing and creating an understandable structure. Let's start our journey.

What a perfect MLA paper should look like

Let's suppose that the hardest part of coping with the assignment is in the past. You've managed to write an intriguing and attention-grabbing introduction, informative and insightful body part, and logical conclusion. Now, to score high on your paper, you have to check if you've followed all of the guidelines. We'll say just in case you are not willing to spend a huge amount of time on formatting that you can buy MLA style paper here to serve you as a sample for your own writing. Otherwise, consider these points to bring your masterpiece to perfection:

  • check if there is any sign of plagiarism in your paper especially when it comes to citing other sources;
  • make sure the margins are correct - 1 inch on every side;
  • use double-spacing and 12 pt font to follow the basic requirements;
  • there are no specific requirements for the type of font you use;
  • number of every page should be placed in the upper right corner (ask your teacher for additional guidelines on the pagination if necessary);
  • do not put extra spaces between the headings and the text;
  • it is common to use italics for citations so do not use it in other cases to avoid confusion;
  • the present tense should dominate in your paper unless you are writing about the events that took place in the past.

How to avoid plagiarism: MLA style guides

You can find numerous style guides that focus on formatting the in-text quotes, citations, and bibliography pages. It is a significant part of the academic writing as failing to use the standard guidelines may lead you to big problems in terms of using someone else's intellectual property. To avoid this unpleasant experience using an MLA style paper format, follow these simple rules:

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In-text citation formatting

1. If you would like to cite or paraphrase someone, you need to indicate the source and the page where a reader can find this quote (if s/he would like to read more about it from the original source).

As Adam Simons states in The Biggest Mistakes of the Humanity, laziness can lead to positive results (58).

You can also communicate the same message to a reader using a different format:

“The Biggest Mistakes of the Humanity” (Simons 58).
Simons found that “Laziness can lead to positive results” (58).
Laziness can lead to positive results (Simons 58).
Simons writes that laziness can lead to positive results (58).

Now, let's suppose there are several authors of a book you want to cite. In this case, all you have to do is to list the authors in parentheses using the order of surnames of the original source:

The Biggest Mistakes of the Humanity (Simons, Cooper, Linz 58).

In an opposite situation when there several works by the same author where s/he mentions the same idea, you may use this approach:

“Laziness can lead to positive results” (Simons, The Biggest Mistakes of the Humanity 58).
“Laziness can make you stronger” (Simons, “Our Enemies that Are Actually Our Friends” 18).

Works cited page

2. If you are working on the Works Cited page, you will need to use a somewhat distinctive style:

Simons, Adam. The Biggest Mistakes of the Humanity. New York: Best Publishing Company, 1999.

Here, there are some points worth mentioning. Note that the title of the book should be underlined. The next piece of information you communicate is the city it was published in followed by a colon. After that, you state the publishing company followed by a comma and the year the book was published.

How to do it faster offers a list of simple and effective ideas for students who don't want to struggle with the formatting process. You can buy MLA style paper and save your time and nerves.

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