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It is hard to realize the fact that once you graduate from school and start studying in college, you are on your own. There seems to be no one to support you while you write numerous essays, solve problems, and make tough decisions. Custom writing services exist to let students know that there is always someone ready to assist them. If you lack time to finish an important essay and don't want to fail, it is your chance to get a good grade. And in case you are not sure about your writing skills and may need a piece of advice, such services are exactly what you need. Once you get a professionally written essay, you can borrow some of the techniques and discover the secrets of writing you were not aware before.

Our enthusiastic team of skilled writers and responsible managers has been helping students to avoid writing difficulties since 2009. is a company that tries to meet all the expectations of the clients no matter how much work and dedication they might need. If you wonder why our experts work so effectively, there is a clear explanation. Students have to write numerous essays on various topics and subject areas. Naturally, they can't be experts in all of them. That is why it might be easier for you to write an essay on sociology than biology, for example. When you cooperate with our writers, you get to work with those who specialize in your particular topic. Your essay will shine among all the rest.

How do you write a narrative essay?

The art of telling a story is the key to writing an outstanding narrative essay. Think about the main message you want to communicate and the means you will use. Write in the first person to emphasize the importance of your personal experience. Vivid verbs, sensory details, detailed descriptions, etc. will help you a lot. Including a dialog can be a great way of bringing life to your story.

What are the steps to writing a narrative essay?

First, you need to decide on the topic. Think about an experience in your life that was rather significant and changed something in the way you look at things. Then, make sure you know the specific reasons it was so significant for you. Now it's time to make an outline. Highlight the main points you want to discuss in the essay. The next step is to start writing. Don't worry about the way your story turns out to be as it is only your first draft..

What should a descriptive writing include?

Your goal is to paint a picture using words. It seems like a hard thing to do but there are ways to do it (and the writers at our paper writing service know all of them). Using vivid sensory details is one way to do it. If you focus on the things that a reader could hear, taste, and smell had he been a part of your story, your essay will be truly appealing. The other option is to focus on your own feelings and emotions and describe them. Use imaginative language and you'll succeed.

What is the main purpose of a descriptive essay?

Your task is to describe a place, a person, a thing, etc. in the way that a reader would easily create a detailed image in his/her head. Use adjectives and vivid verbs to make your story more colorful. Use comparisons and metaphors to avoid misunderstandings and make the essay interesting.

Essay writing service

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How do you start off an expository essay?

The first step is well-known to all the students - it's choosing a topic. Think carefully before you commit to one particular topic as it will be difficult to change in the process. Write a thesis sentence that describes the main point of your essay. Decide what method of development to use (compare and contrast, example, definition, etc.). Don't forget to write topic sentences for all of the body paragraphs to make it easier for a reader to follow your train of thoughts. Write an introduction after you've finished writing the body part. Now it's time to write a conclusion.

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How do you write a persuasive essay?

Choose a topic if you were not assigned with one. Remember that it should be debatable. Pick a side and start building your argumentation. Doing a research will help a lot at this stage. If you don't know which side to pick you can decide while the research stage. Find the most convincing evidence and decide how to organize the information. Your essay should be convincing so make sure you include only relevant evidence.

Answers to the popular questions

  • To write a good essay, you need to choose a topic that interests you. When you are excited about the main idea, the writing process becomes a lot easier. You choose the necessary words better and compose sentences that are appealing to the readers. If there is no option to choose a topic, you will have to make an effort and find something exciting about the topic you're given. Make sure your essay has a rigid structure and logical flow of thoughts. There should be a smooth transition between the paragraphs. Also, proofread your essay to eliminate all the typos and grammar errors as teachers often pay close attention to these things.

  • You might have heard that introduction is the most important part of an essay. It is your chance to convince the audience to continue reading. To make it interesting, you can use one of the popular essay hooks like quotes, statistical data, anecdotes, astonishing facts, questions, etc. These are effective methods of capturing the attention of the audience. It will be interesting for them to find out what your essay is about.

  • An essay is a literary piece where you focus on a particular topic and describe your feelings, beliefs, ideas. Basically, you can write on any topic you like and discuss anything. The main idea is that your essay should have a standard structure (unless you want to be creative). There should be 3 parts - the beginning, the middle, and the end. The first part informs a reader about the topic of your essay, the second one consists of your thoughts and arguments, the last one presents a logical conclusion.

  • If we are talking about a creative type of writing, you can skip the standard rules and be as creative as you can. Unfortunately, teachers often ask students to follow the standard guidelines. An essay must have an introduction, main part, and conclusion. Depending on the topic, the middle part may consist of one or many paragraphs. It is for you to decide when to stop. An introduction should be intriguing and give the readers a hint of what you are going to discuss further on. Note that there should not be any new arguments or claims in the conclusion. Your task is to summarize everything you've discussed in the main part of an essay.

  • Of course, we can. It does not matter how many words your essay must have. Our experts will be equally eager to write a simple 500-word essay and a massive literary piece of 2000 and more words. There are no limitations of length- and topic-wise at

  • Sure, we do. Our writers have the necessary skills and knowledge to write an informative MBA essay. They are aware of the main requirements for this type of essays and will be glad to assist you. they follow the main writing standards and you will not be disappointed.

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Discipline: Psychology

Topic title: The importance of dreams and their interpretation

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I once used another service for writing an essay and can't say that there is a big difference between the two. Both essays are great but the one I ordered here costs less.

Discipline: Marketing

Topic title: Getting an instant feedback from clients: good or bad?

Customer id: 2002952

English is not my native language so thank you for helping me with writing essays. Got an a for this one!

Discipline: Macroeconomics

Topic title: The value of two superpower countries having a conflict

Customer id: 4817875

Great argumentation! I could not have found better facts for writing this essay myself. The writer did an awesome job.

Discipline: History

Topic title: Revolution as a mean of manipulation

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I will definitely use this service again. The support team helped me a lot and the writer's work exceeds all of my expectations. way to go guys!

Discipline: English

Topic title: Descriptive essay

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Discipline: Psychology

Topic title: Name and how it influences a person's life choices

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Discipline: English

Topic title: Application essay

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Discipline: World Literature

Topic title: F. Kafka and his impact on the world literature heritage

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Discipline: Sociology

Topic title: Advantages and disadvantages of immigration

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Nothing special about the essay itself but they delivered it fast.

Discipline: Sociology

Topic title: Early marriage in the modern Western-European society

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A very well-written essay. Will order here again.

Discipline: Psychology

Topic title: The concept of collective unconscious by F. Nietzsche

Customer id: 7892459

I did not expect this level of quality for such price. A really nice essay. However there was a delay and I got it a bit later than expected.

Discipline: History

Topic title: Nazism vs Stalinism

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Topic title: Poetry of the 19th century in France

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Topic title: The process of forming a price

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Topic title: Descriptive essay

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Topic title: Feminism in the 21st century

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Topic title: Psychoanalysis vs psychotherapy

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Topic title: Disadvantages of having a company's account on social media

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Topic title: Equality of rights: 20th century vs 21st century

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Topic title: Main drawbacks of the modern e-commerce

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Topic title: The Pulitzer Prize winner I respect

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Topic title: Writer's choice

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Topic title: Future currencies' change

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Topic title: Impact the same-sex educational institutions have on the society

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Discipline: Psychology

Topic title: Procrastination: is it good or bad?

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Topic title: The destructive impact of the feeling of guilt

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Topic title: The role of inflation in the underdeveloped countries' economy

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Topic title: Prospects of the stem cell treatment

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Topic title: Living without banks: is it possible?

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Topic title: British colonization of India

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