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The writer did a great job! The topic is not new but the writer found some fresh perspective to describe in the essay. I’m very pleased.


Three components of a person's identity

customer #2002952
I like the essay I got but it lacks more specific examples, I think. Thank you anyway because you helped me a lot.


The importance of the royal family in the UK

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The essay was delivered earlier than I expected, everything is great. Thank you for helping me with this task.


Writer's choice

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American literature

Analysis of the poems written by Robert Frost

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There was no particular reason for me to choose this service but I do not regret making this decision. Everything turned out to be great! Thanks


Writer's choice

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This is my third time ordering essays here, this one is the best one. The essay looks very convincing and interesting. I guess this is not the last time I ordered essays here.


Influence of immigration on a country's economy

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A mediocre essay, nothing to talk about, really. But I saved the time I needed very much which is awesome.


Children-free idea and its impact on the future of society

customer #4587236
My essay was delivered a few hours later than the deadline but it looks great. Therefore, I probably should not complain about the deadline.

World Literature

Jean Paul-Sartre 'The Devil and the Good Lord'

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This is a reliable service I’ve been using for a couple of years. You always deliver on time and the essays are always original. Thanks.


Analysis of 'Human, All Too Human' by F. Nietzsche

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This exceeds my expectations! The content is informative enough yet has the charm of a fiction story. I am your loyal customer from now on.


Modern e-commerce as a marketing instrument

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The essay I got was not perfect so I asked the writer to make a couple of changes. I’m glad that these revisions are not fee-based.


The Pulitzer Prize importance for the career development

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I did not notice a big difference between this service and others that I've used before. The writer was very attentive to details which is a good quality.


Writer's choice

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I don’t see any point in wasting my time on trivial topics like this one. Thank you for helping me cope with this task a lot faster.

Business studies

One currency for the whole world: is it possible?

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It is fantastic that the writer followed all of my instructions. Thank you very much.


Are same-sex educational institutions redundant?

customer #6968781
I want to say a huge Thank you to my writer, she did a tremendous job! Will use her skills and wisdom for my future essays!


Living in the world of procrastination

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I'm reading all these positive comments about the service and don't understand what they all are about. Guys, it is just an average company, nothing too special. Yes, my essay is well-written but this is what I'm paying for, isn't it?


Guilt and its destructive impact

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If I want to dedicate my future profession to studying the economic processes why should I waste my time writing some strange essays?


The impact of inflation on a developing economy

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I thought I was going to fail this class this time. But miraculously, it did not happen. This essay saved me and I’m very grateful to all those who helped me.


The French Revolution role in the history of France

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It is amazing that now I can get my paper as fast as within only five hours. I’m glad I don’t have to spend too much time on this assignment.


Inequality issues we face today

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I usually have low expectations when it comes to online companies. But this time you proved I was wrong about all of my fears. The on-time delivery and great quality of writing convinced me that this is the company I can trust.


Kinds of psychological traumas

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Everything's great! I will order again.


The impact of Puritanism on modern society

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A big thank you to my writer, you did a great job! So many interesting and fresh ideas!


Harassment of women and ways of dealing with it

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The deadline was kind of a problem and I got my paper a bit later than I wanted to. But it’s fine, the most important thing is the quality of writing and it is high.


Cryptocurrency: will it survive?

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This is not the first time I'm ordering here byt decided to write a comment because this last marketing essay is awesome. Really enjoy it!


Is there any future for a digital advertising?

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I think you have to be a robot to be able to write all the papers in college. Thanks for a great essay!


Communist ideology in Russia and its consequences

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I don't a talent for writing biology essays. I just can't write numerous pages about something so boring. So, thank you for saving me from this assignment.


Stem cell treatment: does it work?

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The writer followed all of my guidelines, the essay is perfect. Thanks


Banking system and is it possible to live without it

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Amazing essay on psychology! Thanks to my writer!


The Psychological basis of making life choices

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The phenomenon of China

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Industrial Revolution in Europe

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Nothing special about the essay. I knew what I wanted to write about but simply had no time to do it. Thanks for the help but I'll try writing the rest of the assignments on my own.

Business studies

Skills or Knowledge: What Is More Important

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I discussed with the writer the main points I wanted to be included in the essay. This was the key to a successful result as everything went very smoothly and I got an amazing essay. Thanks! Will order essays here again!


Is Educational Aid Necessary?

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My friend recommended me this company, I'm glad I used it. Nice essay, I would never write something as good by myself. The prices are moderate but I would prefer them to be a bit lower. Otherwise, I really liked this service.


Censorship of Art Is a Dead End

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The only thing that pops up in my mind after using this service is a song by Robbie Williams No Regrets. Everything is awesome, really like the approach of personalized writing. Will use it again.


Cold War with the USSR

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I was rather skeptical about online services and I can't say that my attitude has completely changed after using this one. Yes, the essay is nicely written, but I had to ask for several revisions. I know that we are not living in the perfect world but expected to get more.


Global Epidemics

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I'm very excited about this essay. It is informative yet not boring. I know that I had an unrealistically too tight deadline and you guys still managed to deliver it on time. Thanks!


Online ads VS traditional ways to promote products/services

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I won't be too emotional about the essay I got. It is alright, nothing too special. The prices could be lower.


Ancient Greece VS Ancient Rome

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It is great that you have the option of getting a full refund. My teacher decided to change the details of the assignments after I have filled out the order form here. Luckily I was able to cancel that order and place a new one.


Languages Worth Studying Today

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My first order here was an argumentative essay. When I received it, I realized that this is the perfect service for me. Here I can find professional writers and the kind of tutor support I need.


Renaissance Humanism

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I like the content of my essay, it turned out to be quite interesting. This is not the first time I use this service and I will definitely continue doing so.


Events that led to the Civil War

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The evolution of the English language

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Is it possible to stop AIDS in this century?

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Tolerance vs/ freedom of speech

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I would lie if I said that this is the most impressive essay I got to see in my life. It is ok. The structure meets all the academic standards and there are no grammar errors. Thank you.


Innovative tools in advertising

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Reasons for a president to be impeached

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Surprisingly, this is one of the most effective services I’ve used so far. My essay looks good and the structure is well-organized. There is nothing I could be disappointed with at this point.


The importance of equal rights

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My favorite author of the 19th century

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Female politicians in the US history

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I’m grateful to my writer because she worked hard to meet my expectations and also to my friend who recommended me this company.


The word I use the most in my life

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nice quality and moderate prices. Will probably become your loyal customer if the quality of writing does not get worse with time.


Communism ideology in Russia

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Thanks for helping me pass this course! I hate literature and I hate poems. I'm so grateful that I would hug my writer right now.


My favorite poem

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I hesitated if the service is reliable, read about it and decided to give it a try. No regrets. Everything went smoothly.


What it takes to be a team leader

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You guys are just amazing! Will come back and order more essays as I'm not a good writer at all. Thanks!


George Washington and the American Revolution

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English is not my first language and so thank you for making my essay look nice. I appreciate it.


Did William Shakespeare really exist?

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A big thank you to my writer! The essay looks fantastic! If only I had such writing skills...But then again, I have a good reason to use this service.


Cultural regression during the Dark Ages

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Racial stereotyping in modern society

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Homelessness and low morale correlation

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The one book I can read again and again

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Importance of family during the early years of a child's development

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William the Conqueror - the king of England

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Global warming: are we doomed?

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Aliens exist

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Gold standard in Great Britain

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Business studies

Determinants of micro-entrepreneurship

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The role of popular music in language evolution

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Price and risk determinants

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Localization in digital marketing

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Language in formal and informal settings

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Rules of successful negotiation

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One of the pitfalls of writing an interesting essay is using too many unnecessary details. They distract the attention of a reader and makes it hard for her to grasp the main idea. You should enjoy writing it instead of trying to meet the required word count. Would you read your essay with excitement if someone else gave it to you? If the answer is negative, try to change your approach. Start looking for the right verbs and adjectives.

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Think about the topics you are interested in and how they relate to the subject of your class. Is there any way you can combine them and create an interesting topic for discussion? We encourage you not to go for those trivial topic ideas you can find on the web. They are boring and have nothing to do with your unique personality. Try to make the topic about your own expression and feelings. With that being said, keep in mind the rigid structure of an academic essay and do not forget to follow the guidelines.

What should a descriptive writing include?

The description of a person or an object is difficult and tricky. Some students think that it is all about the adjectives they use. Luckily for you, there is more to it than just choosing the adjectives that fit. Describe the emotions by writing about the actions of a person. Remember your own emotions when you get in a similar situation or a hypothetical one. It will help you and a reader relate to the person you are describing. If you find the task to be too difficult, let our writers guide you in the right direction. Our paper writing service will help you overcome any difficulties.

What is the main purpose of a descriptive essay?

The goal of this assignment is to teach you how to play with words and pay attention to tiny details. When you read a good story, you can notice that the details an author describes play an important role. Thanks to the right words, a reader can feel the special atmosphere of an exciting narrative.

Essay writing service

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How do you start off an expository essay?

Writing an expository essay requires concentration and creativity. It may seem that these two components contradict each other but being a student you have to find the perfect balance between being creative and being responsible. Make sure you have enough time to write a draft and work on it for a while. If the motivation level is low, try to find some positive sides of this assignment. One of them is that you can improve your writing skills and learn something new on the topic of your interest. Outline is another crucial element of a successful essay. Be short, specific, and creative.

This reliable company offers students from around the globe fast assistance and receives inquiries from the us, uk, canada, australia, saudi arabia, and south korea.

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Start to gather arguments for your essay but do it for both sides – pro and con. It will be easier for you to decide where you stand and then convince others. Do not worry if you see that you need to change the topic because you lack relevant arguments. Take your time and make an informed decision. It is important for you to choose the topic you feel comfortable discussing.

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We are used to writing essays with tight deadlines because we understand how tough the life of a student can be. If the assignment for tomorrow slipped your mind, and you have no time to write it, we can complete it in eight or even four hours, depending on the length of the essay. The order form is simple, so you need no more than 15 minutes to fill it and confirm your order. Then, we will try to find a writer for you as soon as possible and deliver your essay on time.

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We will revise it for free until you like it. If your essay does not seem to match the instructions you gave us in the first place, we will revise it for free until everything is in its right place. If you need to change some of the details of your essay when we have delivered it to you, you can order a minor or major revision for an additional fee. If you are disappointed with the result, we will return your money for the order. Just tell us what went wrong and claim your refund.

How to get an A-scoring essay?

Usually, all it takes is following the instructions you got and adding some creativity or research to it, depending on what type of an essay you need to submit. An academic essay commonly has the same structure, so if you want an A for it, you should make sure that all the elements are in the right places. Then, the format must be neat. Whether it is MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard, you need to follow the guidelines. Another crucial point is the choice of the sources. If the materials used in the piece are reliable and trustworthy, you have high chances of scoring well in these types of assignments. If you do not have time or energy, we are glad to help you with that.

What is an essay outline for?

An essay outline is a type of work that shows that you can plan and design your argumentation. Most of the assignments you receive aim at teaching you to think critically and systematically, as well as to be able to give reason to your opinion or idea. However, an outline also works as a plan for your work, and makes your writing process a lot easier. Sometimes, professors assign an outline before assigning the essay itself. If the outline is well thought out, you can reckon that the lion’s share of your essay is done, as it illustrates the key points of your work and has all the necessary sources already. It is a good practice to start your work with an outline.

What is the deal with a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is a crucial part of an academic essay. Although it must be no longer than one or two sentences, it ideally must represent the content, main idea, and standpoint of your essay. It is usually the very end of your introductory paragraph. You should acknowledge the problem you are examining, give your opinion on it, and the reason why it is valid. Your thesis statement must be argumentative, not descriptive. Composing a descriptive thesis statement is a common mistake that students make. If you are not sure about your thesis statement, we can always help you with it and, naturally, the rest of your essay.

Are you qualified to write an MBA essay?

We have writers that are proficient in plenty of disciplines, and MBA subjects are not an exception. Just fill in the order form and note what kind of an essay you want. Drop a few lines with the details or specific requirements you have, and our support department will start looking for your perfect writer immediately. We will look among the specialists in your topic. When a writer confirms your order, it means that he or she will easily handle your MBA essay.

Can you write a narrative essay?

A narrative essay is a very fun assignment for us. It has fewer rules and restrictions than a formal academic essay. We consider it both challenging and liberating at the same time because it is usually all imagination and no research. For that reason, many of our writers will be glad to complete a nice and interesting story for you. Nonetheless, every narrative essay assignment is unique, so everything depends on your topic, narrative perspective, and the aim of your essay. However, it is nothing that intelligible instructions cannot help with.

How do I write the body of an essay?

The body of an essay is everything between its introduction and its conclusion. It is the major part of your essay, as you are supposed to cover your whole topic in it and then wrap it up in the conclusion section. The body of an essay consists of paragraphs, and each of them discuss and reason only one idea that supports your thesis statement. Each paragraph has to open with a topic sentence, which is the central claim of it. Then, you add facts and references to prove it and move on to the next supporting idea in the following paragraph. Sometimes, the essay body has to have a counter argument paragraph. In it, you acknowledge the idea opposing the one of your own and prove it wrong.

How do I write an engaging introduction?

To make your essay interesting to read, you need to engage your audience first. An introduction is a compulsory component of any essay. It is there to let your reader know what you will discuss in your work and why this topic is important. Another function of the introduction is to give context to the problem you are to speculate about. Tell the reader why they should care and end it with a clear argumentative thesis statement, in which you present your opinion or possible solution to a problem.